Sunday, October 25, 2015

Flowers in October

After a month of writer's block, I'm back!

 This is the flower of an aggressive vine. I was recently told it is an Aristolochia. It's fly pollinated. You might think it smells of rotting meat, but I haven't experienced that.
 These are orchids. They only last one or two days, but flowered twice in October.
 Bouganvillea! It was interesting to see the color of the bracts change from copper to pink as the flowers matured.

 Cactus flower! The flower is really big, and so it the plant.
 This is a succulent with a really nice flower. The flower doesn't last long.
These are carnivorous plants. Several species of sundew in the back there. In the forefront is a species that just simply has sticky leaves. They are adapted to low nitrogen environments, hence they get special de-ionized water only. If you come down to see these things. Please just look. No touching.